Aug 7th, 9pm

The Night Before

We arrived at Gran's house just past 9pm. Mum, Doreen and Emma were already there sifting through Grans cards and possessions, cracking jokes and laughing heartily. It didnt take long for me & Pete to turn the spare room into a trashed bed den!


Aug 8th, 8:45 - 10:45am

Gathering at the Stephenson residence

We waited around while the family gathered at the Stephenson residence, Charles & his wife were late but luckily arrived just as we were leaving. At 10:45am we travelled, in convoy, to the Crewe Cemetary & Crematorium arriving a few minutes before eleven.


Photo of Grans Brandenberg Gate picture Photo angle of Mum hanging washing out in garden Photo angle of Grans garden Photo angle of Grans garden The neighbours harem garden, aka the junkyard The neighbours harem garden, aka the junkyard, part deux Random table junk Alley down side of house Kitchen photo with group Kitchen photo with group Kitchen photo with group Elle and Kelsey sit bored in the living room


11:00 - 11:30am

The Funeral

The funeral was very nice and many agreed its what Gran wanted. The funeral started with the Vicar saying a few words, two hyms were sang and after 20 mins the service was ended off with the song 'I Love You Because' by 60's crooner Jim Reeves.


Crewe Cemetary and 'Comatorium', as I call it

12:00am - 5:30pm

The Wake

The wake was held at The Woodside pub just outside Crewe. Everyone had a jovial time especially my sister & Kelsey, to both of whom I accidentally introduced the thrill of gambling on the 'itbox', an electronic games machine. After a couple of hours most people had departed for home while a minority remained. Eventually we meandered our way to the play garden round back to enjoy the sunshine for the afternoons remainder. At the days close we all said our goodbyes in the car park and went our seperate ways.


Doreen receives condolance flowers Pub photo starring Jacquie, Paula, Elle, Kelsey and Doreen Pete, Doreen and Mum look intoxicated Photo of The Woodside's road sign Photo of The Woodside's beer garden Photo of The Woodside's beer garden The gang having fun on the swings Emmas cinematic pose Mum and Emma play on swings Monkeys, I swear my lovely spangly new shoes Group sitting at table, shot 1 Group sitting at table, shot 2 Everyone says their goodbyes


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