Aug 16th, 2005

The Portholme Meadow Adventure

Me & C spent an hour or two taking a leisurely stroll around Portholme meadow. Portholme is the largest ancient water meadow in the UK and its some of Huntingdon's finest landscape. The area has that quintessential English riverside feel, so its lovely to relax and enjoy the surroundings during those long summer afternoons. Theres more information about Portholme Meadow on the Huntingdon Town website.


White bridge over the River Ouse in Godmanchester Some random river brush river scene 1 river scene 2 river scene 3 Moi standing near river bank c poses near river bank railway bridge closeup shot A hole in back of C's shoe river scene 4 trees on river back reflecting in water river scene 5 random plastic in the meadow grass

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